The future of environmental monitoring is here.

Adjustable Power and Environmental Thresholds

Instant E-Mail & SMS Alerts

Cloud Based Data Collection and Analytics

Wireless Monitoring and Smart Plug Control


The Tensor Voltage Recorder was created with your needs in mind. It is perfect for analyzing voltage disturbances at the consumer level. The Tensor includes either WiFi or LTE connectivity, remote access to real-time and historical data, and receptacle power control. Identify faulty equipment, spot power and environmental problems, and control loads from your web browser. 

The Tensor Voltage Recorder was developed for diagnosing electric power problems at the outlet. The unit plugs into any standard 15amp US wall receptacle, to detect outages, sags, swells, and flicker. Each unit has been individually calibrated to ensure high accuracy and stability. With its voltage and current measurement and digital processing circuitry based on the established Voltage Recorder line, the Tensor Recorder provides a voltage measurement processing, and reporting system with a proven performance history.





IT Server Rooms

Storage & Warehouses

Vineyards & Breweries

Regulatory Compliance

Other Controlled Environments

Analyze Data With PQ Canvass

PQ Canvass is a cloud-based software product that runs completely in a standard web browser for power quality analysis – no extra software is required!  It has been designed from the ground up to support a wide array of devices and screen sizes. This allows you to manage your devices, browse recordings, and even view live waveforms easily, whether at your computer or at the office, with your smartphone or tablet. 

Recorders, such as the new Tensor, stream recorded data to PQ Canvass as the data is recorded – no need to wait until the “end” of the recording session to download the entire recorder’s memory. Simply log into PQ Canvass and view all data gathered up to the present time. Live waveforms and meter displays are also available for real time information from any PQ Canvass device. SMS and email alerts are also available for immediate notification of PQ events. 

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